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1. Kapal Koksalov, Abay Baimukhametov
Formation of lithosphere's plates owing to loss of stability of deformation under the influence of the internal pressure and forces of inertia of rotation

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A1 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

2. Pieter Kakisina, Gatot Ciptadi, Rasjad Indra, Sasmito Djati, Sutiman B. Sumitro
Leptin activates mitogen activated protein kinase pathways in goat oocytes through increased ERK expression and concentration, p90 Ribosom s kinase

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A2 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

3. Banu Cicek Kurdoglu, Yasar Selcuk Erbas, Oner Demirel
Creating main tourism activities map of Macka District

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4. Sónia R. Bentes, Rui Menezes, Nuno B. Ferreira
On the asymmetric behaviour of stock market volatility: evidence from three countries

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5. Poppy Diana Sari, Bambang Dwi Argo, J. Bambang W. Rahadi
Optimization of cellulase enzyme production from Trichoderma Reesei and Aspergillus Niger with rice straw as substrate

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6. Turkan Kejanli
Urban renewal process and conflict: where to go? To TOKI houses or to other gecekondu areas?

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7. A. Ouari, M. Benhamou, A. Akouibaa, A. Derouiche, A.R. Senoudi, A. Boussaid
Numerical study of the optical properties of core-shell bimetallic nanospheres gold-gold and gold-silver: comparison to experiment

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A7 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

8. Priyo Sardjono, Wisnu Ari Adi
Preliminary study of processing hematite mineral from local resources as raw material candidates of ferrite magnet

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A8 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

9. Rajab Yahyazadeh, Zahra Hashempour, Ovese Marofi
Effect of temperature on the transconductance of AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMT)

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A9 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

10. Ebru Cetin
Is there a gender difference for agility in children age 7-12 years?

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A10 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

11. Nurul Taufiqu Rochman, Wisnu Ari Adi
Preliminary study of the development of absorber electromagnetic wave materials by modifying iron sand

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A11 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

12. Mustafa Ozdal, Onder Daglioglu, Tuncer Demir
Effect of aerobic training program on some circulatory and respiratory parameters of field hockey players

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A12 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

13. Ganjar Samudro, Sarwoko Mangkoedihardjo
Toxicity test series for choosing biological process and receiving body of safe disposal

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A13 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

14. Ibrahim Sahin
Recovery dynamics following specific wrestling exercise

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A14 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

15. Sonja Verra Tinneke Lumowa
Effectiveness of biological agents in an integrated pest management control on potato plants (Solanum
tuberosum L

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A15 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

16. R. Yahyazadeh, Afifeh Ghorbani
Effect of temperature on the sheet resistivity of AlGaN/GaN Nanotransistour

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A16 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

17. Emin Suel
The relation between running speed parameter at anaerobic threshold and recovery in elite soccer players

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A17 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

18. Hala G. Elnady, Inas R. El-Alameey, Marian Y. Girgis, Lobna S. Sherif, Enas R. Abdel Hameed,
Eman R. Youness, Iman Helwa

Serum vitamin D and some bone markers levels in epileptic Egyptian children on antiepileptic drugs

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A18 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

19. Filiz Celik
Sustainability with landscape design: the example of Sille (Konya-Turkey)

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A19 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

20. Cristian Andy Tănase, Vasile Gheorghiţă Găitan
Use of the SIMD-ization and unrolling for the calculation in double precision in a dynamic and unbalanced distribution of tasks on heterogeneous cluster systems

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A20 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

21. Hulya Gocer, Ilhami Gulcin
Caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE): a potent carbonic anhydrase isoenzymes inhibitor

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A21 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

22. Badr El-Din E. Hegazy, Hanan A. Fouad, Al-Motaz M. Kamel
Moving bed biofilm reactor with activated sludge for treating paper industrial wastewater

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A22 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

23. Nilüfer Saglar Onay
Commercial use of antique interiors: dialectics of the contemporary and the conservative

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A23 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

24. Mutiu Kolade Amosa, Mohammed Saedi Jami, Suleyman Aremu Muyibi, Ma’an Fahmi Rashid Alkhatib,
Dzun Noraini Jimat

Zero liquid discharge and water conservation through water reclamation & reuse of biotreated palm oil mill effluent: a review

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A24 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

25. Zeynep Inci Karadenizli
The effects of plyometric training on selected physical and motorical characteristics of the handball players

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A25 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

26. Rosário D. Laureano
A note on the Anosov Closing Lemma

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A26 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

27. Nilgun Ozdemir, Sibel Bayil Oguzkan
Possible toxic effects of engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) on aquatic organisms

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A27 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

28. Osama Mohamady, Nagwa Ramadan, Heba Arnaout
The prevalence of helicobacter pylori infection in diabetic patients and its relation to the presence of gastrointestinal tract complications

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A28 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

29. Onder Daglioglu
The effect of 8-week submaximal aerobic exercise on cardiovascular parameters and body composition in young men

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A29 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

30. Kabir Sadeghi, Alireza Sadeghi
Local and microscopic damage indices applicable to RC structures and concretes subjected to cyclic loading

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A30 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

31. Mustafa Akil, Cagri Celenk
Iron metabolism and importance of iron in exercise

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A31 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

32. Sanaa M. El Sadek, Taghread El Shafee, Manal M. Zaher, Manal Abd El-Salam, Maha A. Nouh
Anexiety and agression disorders of children with chronic kidney disease on regular hemodialysis

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A32 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

33. Mehibe Akandere, Gulsum Bastug, Mehmet Kumartasli
Investigation of depressive symptoms in children depending on exercise

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A33 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

34. Anatoliy Egorov, Murat Baimukhametov
Research of free fluctuations of the elastic pipe of the oil pipeline

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A34 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

35. Menderes Kabadayi
The effect of sleep, sports and dietary habits on obesity in adolescents

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A35 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

36. Abd Elhamed Abd Allah Abd Elhamed, Mustafa Ismail Badr, Ahmed Fathy Helal, Salah Eldeen Ismail Mohamed
Effect of dietary vitamins A, C and E or Selenium supplementation on leucocyte profile and some serum parameters in rats

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A36 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

37. Nurten Cekal
The state of elderly people’s eating outside home and the effect of education and gender variables on some eating habits

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A37 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

38. Imeobong Joseph Inyang, Aniekan-Augusta Okon Eyo, Abel William Essien
Histochemical localization of Hepatitis B surface antigen in Hepatocellular carcinoma: an evaluation of two staining techniques in a tertiary hospital in Calabar, Nigeria

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A38 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

39. Sahin Ozen
The effect of scuba dıvıng on dehydratıon

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A39 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

40. Mohamed M. Salama, Mohamed M. Abdel-Motaleb, Gamal H. Elsaeed, Mohamed A. Abd Almotaleb
Effect of cross water currents on a representative navigational ship in Egypt

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A40 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

41. Ali Ozkan
The relationship between anaerobic performance, muscle strength, hamstring/quadriceps ratio and sprint ability in soccer players

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A41 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

42. Reyadh S. Naoum, Mudhafar M. Al-Jarrah, Minan K. Mohammed, Marwan R. Shaker
A hybrid image content analysis system using semantic and neural networks

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A42 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

43. M.K. Suleiman, N.R. Bhat, S. Jacob, R.R. Thomas
Chemical composition of the construction and demolition waste used as mulch and their effects on the soil in Kuwait conditions

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4A43 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)


1. M. Sadiq Sohail, Abdelrahman M. Al-Gwaiz
Determinants of advertising attitudes: the influence of cultural and environmental context

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B1 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

2. Ata Atun
Misleads in the book titled Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B2 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

3. Omer Faruk Tutkun, Betul Ozturk
The effect of GeoGebra mathematical software to the academic success and the level of Van Hiele geometrical thinking

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B3 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

4. Ergun Recepoglu
Investigating organizational health of Turkish primary and secondary schools in terms of teacher perceptions

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B4 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

5. Sofia Eurico, Patrícia Oom do Valle, João Albino Silva
Satisfaction in tourism-related higher education: the graduates’ perspective

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B5 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

6. Lutfi Uredi
The relationship between the classroom teachers’ level of establishing a constructivist learning environment and their attitudes towards the constructivist approach

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B6 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

7. Seyit Ates
Opinions of pre-service teachers about comprehension instruction with regard to changing paradigms

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B7 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

8. Shahryar Sorooshian, Choo Wou Onn, Chue Wen Yeen
Malaysian based analysis on e-service

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B8 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

9. Yeliz Sirin, Pervin Bilir, Tamer Karademir
The effect of organizational commitment on job performance: the case of the Kahramanmaras Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B9 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

10. Aysel Temelli, Murat Kurt
Attitudes of primary education and science education students’ towards science and science education

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B10 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

11. Fereshteh Shirzad, Khorshid Musavi, Sepide Atmani, Azizeh Khanchobni Ahranjani, Samira Iraji
Gender differences in EFL academic writing

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B11 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

12. K. Faik Kucuktopuzlu, Musa Cakir
The Kazakhstan in the process of integration into the global economy and cultural factors of creating brand awareness

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B12 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

13. Erol Duran
Review of the primary school students critical reading skill levels

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B13 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

14. Mohammad Imdadul Haque
Assessing the adequacy of SERVQUAL dimensions in retail banking

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B14 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

15. Ahmet Haktan Sivrikaya
Determination of multiple intelligences areas of the teachers of physical education and sports and evaluation of these areas in terms of different variables

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B15 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

16. Eriman Topbas
A comparison of teacher training programs in Turkey and Finland

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B16 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

17. Imroatus Solikhah
English for academic purposes voices: a survey on practices and challenges in the state universities of Central Java, Indonesia

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B17 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

18. Battal Odabasi
The effect of learned helplessness to the success

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B18 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

19. Erdal Ari, Hamit Cihan, Gokhan Deliceoglu, Hasan Sozen, Ibrahim Can
The evaluation of athletic organizations of international association of athletic federations and olympic games according to critical velocity concept

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B19 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

20. Djauzi Moedzakir
Implementing action reflection learning approach to improve students’ translation ability

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B20 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

21. Recep Cengiz, Ugur Abakay, Gonca Korucu
Investigating the relationship between the communication skills and burnout levels of college futsal tournament players

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B21 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

22. Nasrin Arian Parsa, Saba Harati
Art Therapy (poetry therapy) can reduce the effects of depression

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B22 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

23. Mustafa Yasar Sahin, Recep Cengiz, Ugur Abakay
The investigation of the ethical leadership roles of school administrators and organizational commitment of physical education teachers


DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B23 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

24. Rafał Kasperowicz
Energy consumption and economic growth in Poland

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B24 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

25. Ziya Bahadir
A research on the class management behaviors and life satisfaction of physical education teachers

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B25 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

26. Ozer Yildiz
Performance evaluation of physical education teachers in Turkey: opinions of education inspectors

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B26 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

27. Radosław Trojanek
Housing affordability in Poland

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B27 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

28. Otuken Senger
Comparison of type I error probabilities of Wald Wolfowitz and Mann Whitney tests for large, small and equal sample sizes

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B28 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

29. Mustafa Yildiz
Adaptation of the motivation to read profile to Turkish

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B29 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

30. Ewa Glińska, Magdalena Florek
In searching for town brand distinguishing features – local leaders' inner perspective

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B30 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

31. Yakup Akif Afyon
Comparison of chance creating and goal scoring skills of two professinal football teams in terms of success

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B31 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

32. Maria Trojanek
The local property markets for single-family housing in Poznan agglomeration in the period 1995-2010

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B32 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

33 Korkmaz Yigiter
Investigation of the problem solving-skill, self-esteem and preferences of the unıversity students regarding sport and socıal activity in Turkey

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B33 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

34. Siskandar
Attitude, motivation, and parent’s role perceived by sixth grade students in relation to their achievement in mathematics

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B34 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

35. Ender Durualp, Pinar Cicekoglu
A study on the loneliness levels of adolescents who live in an orphanage and those who live with their families

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B35 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

36. Mustafa Bektas
The metaphors that the primary school students have related to the concept of game

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B36 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

37. Galina Peresadko, Svitlana Lukash, Olga Pidlisna, Evgeniy Kovalenko
Marketing research in the banking sphere

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B37 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

38. Togay Seckin Birbudak, Bulent Akbaba
Education life in the Kosovo province in the early part of twentieth century

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B38 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

39. Meral Akan
Genuine information sources in colouring woollen carpet yarn with vegetable dyes and archiving

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B39 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

40. Chee-Keong Choong
The properties and fluctuations of the private capital flows in a panel of developed and developing countries

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B40 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

41. Cengiz Karagozoglu
The perceived wellness profile of Turkish football referees

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B41 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

42. Erkut Konter, Turhan Toros
Courage and performance in soccer

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B42 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

43. Roxana Voicu-Dorobanţu
An analysis of similarity of Romania in an European context regarding New Economy indicators

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B43 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

44. Ergun Ozturk
Assessment of writing motivations and activities of the 4th grade primary school students

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B44 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

45. Hasan Isik
The effect of education-project via museums and historical places on the attitudes and outlooks of teachers

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B45 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

46. Songul Kececi Kurt
The morality course in Ottoman educational institutions and girls’ moral (Ahlâk) education

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B46 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

47. Florina Pinzaru, Rodica Savulescu, Andreea Mitan
New practices in marketing to Generation Y. product placement in Romanian pop music videos

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B47 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

48. S. Dilek Guven, Aysegul Ozcan, Ozden Tasgin, Fatma Arslan
The relationship between health college students’ physical activity status and life satisfaction

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B48 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

49. Tulay Yildirim
The European Union’s common security and defense policy and Turkey

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B49 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

50. H. Senay Sen
The attitudes of university students towards learning

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B50 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

51. Kenan Sebin
An analysis of expectations of local residents of Erzurum from 2011 Universiade Winter Games and realization levels of the expectations

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B51 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

52. Alper Ciltas
The effect of the mathematical modeling method on problem solving success

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B52 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

53. Mehmet Kumartasli
Determination of life satisfaction and occupational self esteem levels of students in physical education department

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B53 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

54. Luminiţa Nicolescu, Mariana Nicolae, Gabriel Florentin Tudorache
Romanian SMEs and advisory services: some descriptives

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B54 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

55. Saban Cetin
The effect of micro-teaching applications that are used in teaching practice course on classroom management self-efficacy convictions of students

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B55 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

56. Imdat Yarim
Jumping performance does not predict final ranking of teams in beach volleyball

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B56 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

57. Guler Tuluk
Meaningful learning approach in dynamic and interactive learning environment: plan for a geometry class on “point, line, surface, object”

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B57 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

58. Ilie Anca Gabriela, Dumitriu Dan, Enache Cristina Antonia
Closing the gender gap in accessing leadership positions in universities. We know the facts, it's time to act

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B58 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

59. Ali Yildiz
Views of pre-service teachers related to the mistakes encountered in the textbooks which they benefited from in physics courses

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B59 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

60. Hatice Firat
Turkish education and children’s rights

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B60 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

61. Zeliha Yazıcı
Family interaction in multicultural environment: Turkish immigrant family case

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B61 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

62. Amal Mohamed Falah Al-sarayreh
Effective use of Reciprocal Teaching Strategy in the development of academic achievement and skill of solving problems in geography for sixth-grade female students in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B62 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

63. Ahmet Yasar Demirkol
Satisfaction of foreign parents with the schools in Turkey: a case study in Alanya / Antalya

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B63 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

64. Sinem Evin Akbay, Burhan Capri, Bulent Gunduz
Development of the academic responsibility scale (ARS): a validity and reliability study

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B64 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

65. Akin Celik
The organizational creativity based on some demographic varables: a case study in five provincial directorates of sports

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B65 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

66. Amira Ahmad Balkhyoor
The relation between globalization mechanisms and family consuming attitudes

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B66 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

67. Cetin Cetinkaya
A neglected skill: silent reading fluency

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B67 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

68. Umit Turgut, Fatih Gurbuz, Riza Salar, Ufuk Toman
The viewpoints of physics teacher candidates towards the concepts in special theory of relativity and their evaluation designs

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B68 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

69. Zekeriya Bingol
The ways and the methods of government in tourism development in Turkey

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B69 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

70. Octavian-Dragomir Jora, Mihai-Vladimir Topan, Cosmin Marinescu
The forgotten simple things and the post-crisis recovery in the making: from pseudo austerity in economies to wise austerity in economics

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B70 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

71. Cenk Temel, Nevzat Mirzeoglu, A. Dilsad Mirzeoglu
An investigation of physical education teachers’ work alienation level according to some variables

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B71 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

72. Taner Bozkus, Mutlu Turkmen, Murat Kul
The effects of age, sports experience and physical self perception on competition anxiety levels of female football player

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B72 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

73. David Sloan
Domestic microfinance and its barriers to success: policy paradoxes in the United States

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B73 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

74. Lokasundari Vijaya Sankar
Discourse and the struggle for power

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N4B74 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)



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