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1. Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira
The modified peakedness as a M|G|∞ busy cycle distribution characterizing parameter

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A1 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

2. Abd El Hakam A. Baioumi
Palynological age determination of some rock samples in Bakr 50 – Eastern Desert, Egypt

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A2 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

3. Abd El Hakam A. Baioumi, Medhat M.M. Mandur
Palynofacies and paleoecology from Abu El Gharadig – 4 well, Northern Western Desert, Egypt

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A3 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

4. Walid A. Makled, Tarek F. Mostafa, Abubakr F. Maky, Abd El Hakam A. Baioumi
Palynological, palynofacies studies and hydrocarbon potentiality of middle Miocene – Pliocene rock units from the Nile Delta, Egypt

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A4 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

5. F.S. Ramadan, S.M. Zaid
Provenance of recent sediments, along the Red Sea coast, Egypt

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A5 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

6. Funda Kurak Açici
A conceptual overview of the interior architecture students’ project works

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A6 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

7. Shabnam Yazdani Mehr, Abdelnaser Omran
Examining the challenges affect on the effectiveness of materials management in the Malaysian construction industry

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A7 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

8. Seifedine Kadry
Modern probability philosophy: historical study

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A8 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

9. Sahar M. ElSheikha, Awatef Draz, Omar Shiblc, Ibrahim M. Zeitound, Hala S. Abdel Halim, Mohamed M. Koraitim
Clear cell variant of amelanotic melanoma of oral mucosa: a case report

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A9 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

10. Widad M. Al- Bishri
Dietary supplementation of flaxseed lowers cardiovascular disease risk in diabetic Wister rats

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A10 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

11. E. Tatulescu, A.V. Smolenic, V.G. Gaitan
An architectural model of a CORBA based data server for SCADA systems

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A11 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

12. Mohd Idzwan Mohd Salleh, Raja Abdullah Raja Yaacob, Mohamad Sayuti Md Saleh
Measuring the influence of electronic medical records use on records personnel work performance

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A12 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

13. U. Abdullah, M.A. Maleque, I.I. Yaacob, M.Y. Ali
Characterization of carbon nanotube aluminium nano composite-effect of ball milling time on particle size

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A13 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

14. Ozlem Kirandi, Mustafa Sahin, Mustafa Erol, Selahattin Koc, Abdurrahman Kepoglu, Bekir Irtegun,
Songul Karaaslan

The effect of 8 week Academy and Peak Pilates exercises on certain physical parameters

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A14 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

15. Rilind Kelmendi
Economics of cloud computing latency

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A15 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

16. Akyala A. Ishaku, E.U. Amuta
Sero-epidemiology of human Parvo B19 virus among drug naïve and drug experienced sero-positive HIV/AIDS patients attending HIV clinic at Federal Medical Center Keffi, Nasarawa state, Nigeria

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A16 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

17. Turgay Ozgur, Aydin Ozbek, Bahar Odabas Ozgur
The effect of dıfferent varıables on the correlatıon of the selected anaerobıc threshold estımatıon methods

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A17 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

18. Juli Santoso
Implications of indirect response to the quantitative character of direct response rust disease resistance characters in the selection of the pair crosses peanuts

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A18 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

19. A.Z.M. Badee, Shahinaz A. Helmy, M.A. Rushdy
Chemical composition, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of partially deterpenated mandarin (citrus reticulate) essential oil

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A19 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

20. Şebnem Ertaş, Ilkay Maşat Özdemir
Inner-city industrial buildings finding new use: the Trabzon Tekel Building

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A20 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

21. Hasani Ahmadreza, S.I. Aliyeva, S.A.Mirhadi, N.Vaseji
Bioconversion of cheese whey to microbial biomass and protein by yeasts culture

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A21 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

22. Manolya Akın
Effect of gymnastics training on dynamic balance abilities in 4-6 years of age children

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A22 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

23. Karabayev Jalal Abdukhametovich, Tanashev Seytkali Tanashevich, Sakibayeva Saule Abdrazakovna,
Tasanbayeva Nurzhamal Egemkulovna, Iskendirov Bolat Zharylkapovich, Bimbetova Gulmira Zhankabylovna,
Beloborodova Anastassiya Yevgenyevna

Intensification of Kumkol masut vacuum distillation process by the method of oil disperse systems phase transition regulations

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A23 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

24. Mehmet Öztürk
Assessment of the body compositions of the Turkish women who feel themselves overweighed

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A24 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

25. Maha Al-Khalaf
Rosemary and Rosemaric acid effects on induced bronchial asthma in mice

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A25 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

26. Mehmet Ozdemir
The morphometric effect of erythropoietin used as a doping agent on the humerus and femur bones of pubescent male rats maintained sedentary or submitted to swimming exercise

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A26 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

27. José António Candeias Bonito Filipe, Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira, José Chavaglia,
Manuel Francisco Pacheco Coelho, Isabel Pedro

Coming back from China to USA?

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A27 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

28. Erdinc Siktar
The effects of aerobic exercise and different environmental temperatures on PON1 activity and lipoprotein profile in rats

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A28 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

29. Ahmad Kayed, Mosleh M. Abualhaj, Timothy Powers
Performance comparison of IAX and ITTP VoIP protocols

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A29 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

30. Saqib Subhan, Sohail Asghar
Query evaluation architecture for uniformed distributed XOLAP cubes (QEAUDXC)

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A30 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

31. Ahmad Kayed, Eyad Saleh, Nael Hirzallah, Christoph Meinel
Measuring trust in e-commerceapplications: an approach based on semantic concepts

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A31 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

32. Tasawar Hussain, Sohail Asghar
Web mining: approaches, applications and business intelligence

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A32 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

33. Kamile Bahar Aydin
Development of the Aydin-Flow Coping with Stress Scale based on flow theory on multiple samples in the United States

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A33 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

34. Megat Norulazmi Megat Mohamed Noor
Analysis of device-free indoor human existence and position detection using Wi-Fi signal strength mapping approach

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2A34 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)


1. Kadir Karatekin
Comparison of environmental literacy levels of pre-service teachers

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B1 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

2. Tuncay Dilci, Ayla Arseven, A. Burak Yildirim
Effects of regular musical life on social adaptation skill of 4th graders: an empirical study

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B2 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

3. Burhanettin Hacicaferoglu
The direction of the mobbing behaviors experienced by the personnel of General Directorate of Sports

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B3 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

4. L. Baitenova, M. Smikova, L. Mutaliyeva
Methodical aspects of marketing management in the hotel and restaurant business

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B4 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

5. Bayram Özer
Avoidance strategies used by educators in difficult classroom situations

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B5 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

6. Lucica Matei, Catalin-Ionut Cornea
Organizational context and factors affecting public service motivation

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B6 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

7. Abdullah Kaplan, Mesut Öztürk, Eren Ertör
The efficiency of computer- Aided instruction and creative drama on academic achievement in teaching of integers to seventh grade students

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B7 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

8. Musa Özata, Yunus Emre Öztürk, Necmettin Cihangiroğlu, Handan Altunkan
The development of a scale of malpractice trend in nursing and validity and reliability analysis

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B8 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

9. R. Mitoula, A. Economou, A. Papanastasiou
Sustainable development of coastal area of the city of Chalkida, Greece

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B9 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

10. Lutfi Incikabi, A. Oguzhan Kildan
An analysis of early childhood teacher candidates’ digital stories for mathematics teaching

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B10 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

11. Gökhan Acar
The effect of project-based learning on students’ motivation

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B11 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

12. Rupert Sanders
The health care initiative for emotional labors

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B12 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

13. Yavuz Akbaş
The effects of changes in geography curriculum to the students’ levels of understanding climate-related concepts

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B13 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

14. Suwarno
Social challenges of Tumbang Samba society, Katingan regency, Central Kalimantan, in maintaining livelihoods

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B14 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

15. Uğur Gülsoy, Sabahattin Çiftçi
The effects of active learning on achievement and attitudes of elementary school students in social studies lessons

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B15 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

16. Ahmet Atalay, Ali Serdar Yücel, Engin Boztepe
A different approach to the modern sport administration: method of innovation

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B16 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

17. Tamer Karademir
The effects of globalisation on sports education institutions

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B17 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

18. Omar S. Hindawi
The role of highlighted videotaping of wheelchair basketball players' performance during the first division games

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B18 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

19. Birsen Bagceci, Battal Odabasi
The relationship between 12th grade students’ interpersonal relationship and academic success levels

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B19 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

20. Kasim Yildirim
Fluency-based skills of reading and their relations with reading comprehension in Turkish elementary school children

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B20 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

21. Ali Maskun
Leverage level, company size, profitability toward the disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of LQ-45 companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B21 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

22. Erdal Hamarta, Zumra Ozyesil, Metin Deniz, Bulent Dilmac
The prediction level of mindfulness and locus of control on subjective well-being

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B22 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

23. Savas Duman
The effects of 8 week soccer training on reaction time and attention levels of Turkish children aged between 10-14 years old

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B23 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

24. Armand Faganel, Danijel Bratina
Commercial sponsorship, brand image and WTA tournament

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B24 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

25. Muzaffer Okur
The metaphors of the mathematics teacher candidates in elementary schools concerning the concepts of “Relation, Equivalence Relation and Ordered Relation

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B25 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

26. Arefi Marzieh, Soveity Iman
Studying the relationship between life satisfaction and positive and negative affects with the self-esteem of hospital medical staff

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B26 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

27. Hüseyin Köksal
Moral approaches used by history teachers in their ethical evaluations

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B27 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

28. Miguel Carvalho, Luís Martins, Sofia Lopes Portela
Leadership and commitment on Portuguese Rugby National Team

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B28 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

29. Tahir Gur
Basic and developmental characteristics of teachers' professional identity

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B29 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

30. Ogundiran Adekemi Opeyemi
Critical factors of high level of women poverty in Nigeria

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B30 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

31. Sabri Sidekli
Media literacy: perspectives from elementary school children’s views

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B31 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

32. Isa Cardoso, Sofia Lopes Portela, Álvaro Dias
Determinants of the perception of the personality of brand: an application to the Azores Regional Brand

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B32 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

33. Fatma Arpaci
The investigation of the anthropometric dimensions of the university students in desk design for the classrooms

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B33 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

34. Mohd Idzwan Mohd Salleh, Noor Rahmawati Alias, Haslinda Abdul Hamid, Zulkarnain Yusoff
Academic dishonesty among undergraduates in the higher education

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B34 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

35. Ebru Gençtürk
“A tool for project-based learning: Geographical Information System” reflections and gains from Tubitak (the scientific and technological research council of Turkey) project

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B35 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

36. Gokhan Caliskan
Reliability and validity adapted Turkish version of moral disengagement in sports scale

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B36 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

37. Noer Soetjipto, Minto Waluyo
The impact of creativity and learning motivation toward academic achievement and entrepreneurial intelligence

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B37 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

38. Yagmur Akkoyunlu
The health promoting behaviors of physical education, primary-school and pre-school teacher candidates in Turkey

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B38 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

39. Tulin Atan, Tugba Uysal, Guner Cicek
Parents' attitudes towards attending physical education oriented games of their children in Kindergarten

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B39 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

40. Husein F. Ramzoun
The impact of labor migration of fathers on the educational achievement of their children

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B40 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

41. Mehmet Demirel
Investigating guilt and shame situations of secondary school students according to participation in sport activities and different variables

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B41 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

42. Vesile Yildiz Demirtas
Self-regulation strategies of the six- year- old pre school children

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B42 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

43. Johna Horne, Michael F. Shaughnessy
Chiari I malformation: an overview

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B43 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

44. Halil Tokcan
The effect of cartoons on the success of teaching earthquake topic in 4th grade social studies course

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B44 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

45. Selahattin Avsaroglu, Safak Unuvar, Mustafa Uslu
The effects of hotel employees’ psychological needs on their self-respect

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B45 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

46. Alharthey Bandar Khalaf, Amran Rasli, Alanazi Talal Ratyan
Building customer satisfaction from the perspective of employee satisfaction

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B46 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

47. Tekin Colakoglu
Defining personality types of students in schools of physical education and sports

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B47 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

48. Mahmoud A. Al-Haliq, Aman S. Khasawneh, Ahmad A. Al-Akor
The effect of mental training program related to skills teaching on learning the volleyball basic skills

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B48 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

49. Yusuf Arikan
An examination of job satisfaction levels of private security officers with respect to some variables

DOI: | Article ID: IJ13V5N2B49 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)



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