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1. Makkulau, Susanti Linuwih, Purhadi, Muhammad Mashuri
Outlier detection in multivariate linear model using Likelihood Ratio Statistic for a Mean Shift-Lagrange method

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A1 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

2. Shahinaz A. Helmy
Extending the shelf life of minced beef meat by some essential oils under refrigeration and freezing storage

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A2 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

3. Enas A.M. Ali, Aida A. Rizkalla, Hala E. Emam, Eman A.A. Abd El-Moneium
Establishment of micropropagation protocol for two olive cvs. (Kalamata and Dolce), RAPD profile of mother trees and their regenerated plantlets

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A3 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

4. M.S. Gaballah, S. Shaaban, A.A. Aboelleil
The role of antioxidants in improving sunflower cultivars' performance grown under saline conditions

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A4 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

5. Maha A. Mowafy, Heba S. Selim, Mervat M. El Rafie, Miada H. El-Sawaf
Assessment of health status of couples in Premarital Examination in two family medicine centers in Port Said city

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A5 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

6. Rima Tri Wahyuningrum, Andi Kusuma Indrawan
A hybrid automatic method for parasite detection and identification of Plasmodium falciparum in thin blood images

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A6 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

7. Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira
Non-autonomous pensions funds maintenance costs study through a diffusion process

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A7 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

8. Zahra Sadat Saeideh Zarabadi, Nora Haeri, Timaz larimian
Reduction of urban crimes through secured by design scheme (case study: Navab highway – Tehran)

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A8 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

9. Tini Surtiningsih, Siti Mariam
Effect of cellulolytic microbial consortium to the compost quality of cow manure and rice straw

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A9 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

10. R. Yahyazadeh, Z. Hashempour
Effect of AlGaN barrier thickness on the cut off frequency of AlGaN/GaN High electron mobility transistors

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A10 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

11. A.K. Enab, Fatma A.M. Hassan, Mona A.M. Abd El. Gawad
Effect of manufacture steps on cheese structure (review)

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A11 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

12. F.A. El-Shobaki, Omnia G. Refaat, Zeinab A. Saleh, Eman F. El-Haggar
The analysis of Egyptian propolis by GS/MS and its use in preparation of a functional food with antioxidant power

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A12 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

13. M.A. Khorshid
Manufacture of Yoghurt from goat milk fortified with UF-WPC and SMP

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A13 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

14. Bachtiar Jusuf Helmy, Minto Waluyo
Model of marketing performance using supply chain variable oriented on the advantage of sustainable competition

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A14 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

15. Mahmoud Itewi
Environment and Islamic architecture. Review and analysis

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A15 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

16. Septiana Hariyani, Endang Titi Sunarti Darjosanjoto, Haryo Sulistyarso
Residential constomer satisfaction for water supply in Malang City of East Java

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A16 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

17. Shahinaz A. Helmy
Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of some essential oils and their major constituents

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A17 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

18. Abd El-Moneim M.R. Afify, Ramy M. Romeilah, Shaimaa I.M. Sultan, Mona M. Hussein
Antioxidant activity and biological evaluations of probiotic bacteria strains

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A18 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

19. M. Olubiwe, F.K. Opara, E.N.C. Okafor
Reactive power control a panacea to power stability

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A19 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

20. Vijey Thayananthan, Ahmed Alzahrani, Muhammad Shuaib Qureshi
Analysis of key management and Quantum Cryptography in RFID networks

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A20 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

21. Ahmed Alzahrani, Muhammad Shuaib Qureshi
Single-client multi-server web pre-fetching technique

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A21 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

22. S.A.A. El-Marouf
Global analysis of periodic solutions in the chemostat model

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A22 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

23. Safinaz E. El-Toukhy, Hanan Alnahdi, Najlaa Ayaz, Amal H. Hamza
Hormonal modulation of ginseng against hepatotoxicity induced in experimental animals

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A23 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

24. Khaled A. Shaban, Mona G. Abd El-Kader, Hanan S. Siam
Effect of nitrogen and potassium mixing ratios and cultural practices on faba bean productivity in saline soils

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A24 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

25. Kuntjoro, Mohammad Bisri, Aniek Masrevaniah, Agus Suharyanto
Modeling of discharge fluctuation influence on river meandering geometry change

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A25 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

26. Dewi Junita Koesoemawati, Endang Titi Sunarti Darjosanjoto
Physical manifestation of social space influenced by “Pendhalungan” community in Jember town

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A26 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

27. J.O. Osarenmwinda, Joseph Wadai
Suitability of silica sand deposits from some Rivers in Adamawa state, Nigeria for glass production

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A27 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

28. A. Akouibaâ, M. Benhamou, A. Derouiche, H. Ridouane, A.R. Senoudi, A. Boussaid
Numerical study of the plasmonic resonance of multi-phases nanoparticles

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A28 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

29. Irwan Bagyo Santoso, Sarwoko Mangkoedihardjo
Time series of carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air to determine greenspace area

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A29 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

30. Wa’el Hadi, Sahem Nawafleh
The role of e-Business in the e-Government services implementation

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A30 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

31. Ge Tivlumun Cosmas, E.O. Osuagwu, Usman Karim, Adekunle Adeyelu
A predictor of nanotechnology benefits to computing and microelectronics production in Nigeria

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A31 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

32. Parviz Maftoon, Nima Shakouri
Aestheticism in the choice of theory: a relativist look

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A32 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

33. Aysegul Yildirim Kaptanoglu, Gulfer Bektas
Hemodialysis patients trust in their physicians

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A33 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

34. Iclal Aluclu, Havva Özyılmaz
Space analysis of traditional houses: Diyarbakir sample Turkey

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A34 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

35. Gloria Ukalina Obuzor, Victor Friday Akpan
Chemical analysis of caffeine content and some physicochemical parameters of ten energy drinks sold in Nigeria

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A35 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

36. Ukaoha Kingsley Chiwuike, Igodan Charles Efosa
Framework for client-server distributed database system for video rental operators association of Nigeria

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A36 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

37. Armaita Sutriati
Effect of river alignment on water quality in Upper Citarum River of West Java

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A37 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

38. Wahyu Wibowo, Sri Haryatmi, I. Nyoman Budiantara
Penalized least squares for semiparametric regression

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A38 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

39. M.O. Awodiran, A.O. Olayemi, J.I. Awopetu
Morphometric studies of land snails, Archachatina marginata (Swainson, 1821) in some South-west, South-south and North central states of Nigeria

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A39 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

40. Endang Setiawati, Suprihanto Notodarmodjo, Prayatni Soewondo, Agus Jatnika Effendi, Bambang Widjanarko Otok
Structural equation modeling and analytical hierarchy process for sustainable wastewater infrastructure of Jakarta

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A40 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

41. Jian-Gang Tang, Zharasbek D. Baishemirov, Bakhbergen E. Bekbauov
Preventing water coning by polymer flooding

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A41 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

42. Sahem Nawafleh, Wa'el Hadi
Multi-class associative classification to predicting phishing websites

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A42 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

43. Ibrahiem M. M. El Emary, Bader A. Alyoubi, Adel A. Alyoubi, Reda M. Salama
Major challenges facing WSN in medical applications

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A43 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

44. Ibrahiem M.M. El-Emary, Kareem Q. Husain, Bader A. Alyoubi
Security issues of wireless sensor networks in various applications

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A44 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

45. Magdalena Rădulescu, Elena Druică, Abdelnaser Omran
The impact of FDIs on exports in Central and Eastern European countries: empiric evidence from Romania against Poland, Czech Republic and Bulgaria

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A45 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

46. O.M. Ibearugbulem, J.C. Ezeh, L.O. Ettu
Vibration analysis of thin rectangular SSSS plate using Taylor-Mclaurin shape function

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A46 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

47. Ahlam A. El- Shewy
Effect of dietary grain level on the ∆9- desaturase activity in lactating cows: a new insight of old data

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A47 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

48. Dibofori-Orji, Amalo Ndu, Marcus Abiye Clement
Analysis of some physico-chemical properties of the Orashi river water at Mbiama and Ogbema communities in Rivers State

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A48 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

49. Ugbome E. Solomon, B.S. Kinigoma
Mathematical model for separator pressure optimization in an oil gathering system

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A49 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

50. B.S. Kinigoma, C.W. Mamhobu Amadi
Design of an industrial biogas burner for domestic application in Nigeria

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A50 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

51. N.O. Obuzor, J.O. Diogu, A.L. Eebee
Socioeconomic consequences of rapid urbanization: the Nigerian experience

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6A51 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)


1. Sukirmiyadi
Lexical ambiguity caused by different accent as a part of speech style in speaking Javanese

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B1 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

2. Sulaiman M. Al-Balushi
The effect of macroscopic and submicroscopic pictorial representations on pre-service science teachers’ explanations

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B2 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

3. Helmuth Y. Bunu
Responsibilities of government and society to children education in Desa Tumbang Marikoi of Central Kalimantan

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B3 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

4. Suwandi
Impacts of decentralization and education autonomy to the effectiveness of education management in Indonesia

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B4 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

5. Charles R. Waggoner, Michael F. Shaughnessy, Robin Wells, Tammy Lynne Moore
Reflections on inclusion at the elementary level: administrative and other perspectives

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B5 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

6. Nilgun Vurgun, R. Ferudun Dorak, Murat Ozsaker
Validity and reliability study of the sport imagery questionnaire for Turkish athletes

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B6 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

7. Abedalbasit Abedalhafiz, Ziad Lutfi Altahyneh, Mahmoud Al-Haliq
The relationship between physical activity and self-esteem among students of Zarqa education directorate

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B7 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

8. Tolga Erdoğan
Determining the level of the use of writing strategies by prospective classroom teachers

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B8 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

9. Guo Jindong, Kurmangali I. Kanlybaev, Saule Janaberdiyeva
Problems of development of interdisciplinary links in teaching mathematics as one of major subjects

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B9 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

10. Hacı Ömer Beydoğan
Evaluation of pre-service teacher’s attitudes towards peer assessment

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B10 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

11. Mamdouh M. Ashraah, Ismaeel M. AL-Nabrawi, Sadiq Shdeifat, Taghreed Musa Falah al Ali
Critical thinking skills for Islamic education teachers: a study of teachers' perceptions

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B11 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

12. Razieh Bahraminezhad Jooneghani, Nasim Ebrahimi Jozani, Lai-Mei Leong
Language learning strategy: teachable or learnable?

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B12 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

13. Elnur Hasan Mikail
The theory of postmodernism as a contemporary international relations theory

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B13 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

14. Mo'een Ahmad Oudat
A comparative study of the impact of some teaching styles applied on certain physical and skill variables in basketball for the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences Students at the Hashemite University

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B14 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

15. AL Bshbeshy Helmy, Abou Talib Ahmed, Hamed Amira
The role of additional disclosure sources in rationalizing investor decision in Egypt: a suggested framework

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B15 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

16. Gulnara M. Aubakirova
Features of Kazakhstan industrial enterprises adaptation to market environment

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B16 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

17. Hamadu Dallah, Yusuf Tajudeen Olalekan
Determinants of motor insurance consumers’ buying decisions in Nigeria

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B17 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

18. Mehmet Kamil Coskun
The effect of high school students’ levels of secure attachment to parents on their levels of attitude towards religion course

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B18 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

19. Durmuş Aslan, Yaşare Aktaş Arnas, İnanç Eti
An investigation on how children from different socioeconomic status (SES) classify geometric shapes

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B19 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

20. Ali Maskun
The effect of current ratio, return on equity, return on asset, earning per share to the price of stock of go-public food and beverages company in Indonesian stock exchange

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B20 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

21. Ufuk Karakuş
The investigation of perception of earthquake by the students who lived through it by metaphor analysis

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B21 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

22. Bülent Aksoy
The investigation of the opinions of the undergraduate students on economic dimensions of globalization as regards to various parameters

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B22 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

23. Mehmet Arif Özerbaş
The effect of using ınteractive whiteboards in the course of teaching technologies and material designing towards student achievement and retention

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B23 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

24. Elif Ince
Investigation of undergraduate students’ skills to associate between general physics concepts and everyday life

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B24 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

25. Yusuf Arikan, Süleyman Şahin, Abdullah Polat, Mahmut Gülle, Cüneyt Say
Comparıson of anxıety states of wrestlıng referees workıng ın Turkey accordıng to theır classıfıcatıon

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B25 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

26. H. Bayram Temur
Research of the effect of bone mineral density, age, height and weight on grip strength

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B26 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

27. Ntiense Usua, Austin Sado, Faustinus Nwachukwu
Rethinking the millennium development goals: ensuring development through communication and participation

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B27 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

28. Nwachukwu Harrison Iweka
Journey motif as an aesthetic paradigm in African novels

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B28 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

29. Samuel Amaele
Alternative measures for the control of drug abuse in Nigerian school system

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B29 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

30. Naboth H.A. Nwafor, Uzoma J. Nwogu
Citizenship and citizenship education challenges in Nigeria: a critical appraisal

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B30 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

31. Orji O. Goodhope
Globalization: the emerging new knowledge economy and consumer behaviour dynamics

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B31 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

32. Ijeoma E. Kalu, O’Neal E. James
Government expenditure and economic growth in Nigeria, 1980- 2011

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B32 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

33. Atei Mark Okorobia
The “before-and-after” method: a critique of its application to the Eastern Niger Delta City-States

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N6B33 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)



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