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1. Margo Pujiantara, Muhammad Abdillah
Directional over current relays (DOCRs) coordination by interval type 2 fuzzy adaptive particle swarm optimization (IT2FAPSO)

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A1 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

2. Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira, Marina Andrade
Transient behavior of the M / G / m and M / G / ∞ systems

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3. Abay Baimukhametov, Anatoly Egorov, Kapal Koksalov
Mathematical model of tectonic process at mountain formation

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4. Era Purwanto, Soebagio, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo
Development of fuzzy logic control inverter for speed control of induction motor as the propulsion electric Vechicle

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5. Arman Jaya, Soebagio, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo
Steady-state characteristics of nine-phase induction motor Squirrel cage rotor by very low voltage

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6. M.B. Ezzat, R.A. Rady, F.S. Fahmy
2-D modeling of flow dynamics downstream new Assuit Barrage

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A6 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

7. Yuen-Onn Choong, Chun-Eng Tan, Chia-Guan Keh, Yoong-Hing Lim, Yan-Teng Tan
How demographic factors impact organisational commitment of academic staffs in Malaysian private universities: A review and research agenda

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A7 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

8. Khaled Mahmoud, Mohammed Abusaad, Hussein H. Owaied
Toward a standard for representing programming logic in XML

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A8 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

9. Muhammad Faisal, I.K.E. Purnama, Mochamad Hariadi, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo
Retinal blood vessel segmentation in diabetic retinopathy image using maximum tree

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A9 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

10. Tahir Saeed, Nur Naha Abu Mansor, Farah Naz, Kaneez Fatima, Hafiz Muhammad Ishaq
Perceived social support: impact on quality of life in diabetics

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A10 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

11. Tahir Saeed, Nur Naha Abu Mansor, Sameera Siddique, M. Anis-ul-Haq, Hafiz Muhammad Ishaq
Organizational socialization: individual and organizational consequences

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A11 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

12. Abdulameer Khalf Hussain, Reyadh Naoum, Mustafa Nouman Murad
Enhanced partially blind signature with message recovery using agreement factors

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A12 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

13. Muhammad Asim Tufail, Abu Hassan Abu Bakar
Relocation of ICT companies through policy incentives: evidence from Malaysia

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A13 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

14. Amin Noaman, Sumaia Al-Ghuribi
A new approach for Arabic text classification using light stemmer and probabilities

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A14 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

15. Ibrahiem M. M. El Emary, Karim Q. Hussein
Analyzing the various aspects of e-learning modules for the hearing impaired students

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A15 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

16. Dedid Cahya Happyanto, Soebagio, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo
Speed synchronization of induction motor model for the transient response of electric car

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A16 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

17. Purwadi Agus Darwito, Soebagio, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo
Single phase buck-boost inverter with buffers inductor using power simulator

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A17 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

18. Kindomihou M. Valentin, Holou A.Y. Roland, Dagbénonbakin D. Gustave, Sinsin Brice, Meerts Pierre
Temporal change in silica accumulation, covariations with foliar minerals and fodder value of Loxodera ledermannii (Pilger) ex Launert from the Sudanian Benin (Western Africa)

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A18 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

19. S.D. Iyeke, S.O. Osuji
Evaluation of cement stabilized laterite soil as road construction material in northern geographical area of Delta State, Nigeria

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A19 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

20. Hadi Haeri, Azizeh Khanchobani Ahranjani
A fuzzy logic modelto predict crack propagation angle under disc cuttres of TBM

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A20 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

21. Endroyono, G. Hendrantoro, M. Ashari
Cross-layer optimization strategy for broadband wireless network handling heterogeneous traffic in rain fading environment

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A21 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

22. Hari Sutiksno, Lie Jasa, Mochamad Ashari, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo
Optimal control for three-phase power converters SVPWM based on linear quadratic regulator

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A22 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

23. D.C. Idoniboyeobu, S.L. Braide
Biological effects of electrostatic and electromagnetic coupling from over head transmission line to an ellipsoidal model of a man

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A23 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

24. S. L. Braide, D. C. Idoniboyeobu
The Forecasting of Load and Energy Consumption model (FLEC)

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A24 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

25. Marina Andrade, Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira, José António Filipe, Manuel Coelho
The study of a pensions fund equilibrium through an infinite servers nodes network

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A25 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

26. Hoshang Kolivand, Mohd Shahrizal Sunar, Amjad Rehman
Extended edge silhouette detection algorithm to create real-time shadow volume

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A26 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

27. Wafaa M. Abozeid, Manal F. Salama, A. S. Nadir
A comparative study of physiochemical and microscopic characterization of banana, potato and wheat starch for cookies production

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A27 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

28. Abd El Hakam A. Baioumi, Medhat M. M. Mandur, Gamal Abu Sabaa Lashin
Palynostratigraphy, palynofacies and paleoenvironmental studies of lower cretaceous rock units in QR2x well, northern western desert, Egypt

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A28 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

29. Saber Shona, Abdel-Wakeel Essawy, Sherif Mohamed Zaki, Tarek Ibrahim Abd EI-Galil
Effect of cisplatinum on the liver of the adult albino rat and the possible protective role of vitamin E (Histological and ultrastructural study)

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A29 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

30. Çiğdem Tekin
Evaluation of mechanical features of the gypsum composite reinforced with banana fiber

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A30 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

31. E.G. Sadjere, G.O. Ariavie
Determination of the Electrical Energy Equivalent of a typical household in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A31 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

32. Tudor Colomeischi
The need of reform for the public retiring pensions systems

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A32 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

33. Murat Çağlayan, Neslihan Dalkılıç
The architectural features of traditional Pavilions in Mardin- Southeastern Anatolia

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A33 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

34. Vanusa Andrea Casarin, Adriano Mendonça Souza, Rui Menezes, Jaime Alvares Spim
Continuous casting process stability evaluated by means of residuals control charts in the presence of cross-correlation and autocorrelation

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A34 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

35. Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira, José António Filipe, Marina Andrade, Manuel Coelho
Using infinite servers queue systems busy period to solve logistics’ problems

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3A35 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)


1. Mehmet Acet, Ünsal Tazegül, Özlem Ay Kocapınar, Zehra Baş
A comparison of the levels of aggression and assertiveness between amputee and hearing-impaired football players

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B1 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

2. Johnn-Yee Choy, Siew-Yong Lam, Thean-Chye
Service quality, customer satisfaction and behavioral intentions: review of literature and conceptual model development

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B2 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

3. Wan Khairuzzaman Wan Ismail, Fatima Jafar Habeeb Al-Taee
Integrating gender, traits and transformational leadership style as viewed from human resource management strategy

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B3 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

4. Lucica Matei, Ani Matei
The European administration reform and legitimacy

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B4 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

5. Chong Shyue Chuan, Cheong Wah Wan, Sia Bik Kai, Ng Kean Kok
Perception of financial risk tolerance of older urban Chinese in Malaysia

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B5 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

6. Chin-Feng Lin
The strategic perspectives of search engine network

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B6 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

7. Syarmila Hany Haron, Ruhizal Roosli, Ernawati Mustafa Kamal
Crime prevention and community safety in Malaysia from territorial functioning perspectives: an updated review

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B7 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

8. Khalizani Khalid, Syed Omar Syed Agil, Khalisanni Khalid
The synthesis of ethical decision making

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B8 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

9. Nadia Albu, Cătălin Nicolae Albu, Maria Mădălina Gîrbină
Educating accounting students in an emerging economy - an analysis of the importantance of stereotypes in teaching IFRS

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B9 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

10. Özgür Karataş, Cemal Gündoğdu, A. Serdar Yucel, Serkan Hacıcaferoğlu,
Tuba Fatma Karadağ, Burhanettin Hacıcaferoğlu

Analyzıng of levels of job satısfactıon of volleyball classıfıcatıon referees ın the terms of some parameters

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B10 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

11. Nurten Çekal
The effect of a nutrıtıon educatıon programme on cooks' knowledge of nutrıtıon and food preperatıon – cookıng methods

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B11 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

12. Norazmawati Md.Sani, Abd.Rahim
Affordable house in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B12 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

13. Sebahattin Yıldız
The relationship between entrepreneurship traits and personality type: a research in Turkey

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B13 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

14. Adnan Ersoy
The development, cultural rituals of Turkish oil wrestling and the transmission of mystic atmosphere in practice

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B14 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

15. Faris Nasif AL- Shubiri
The factors of macroeconomic fluctuations and the response of bank lending behavior in Jordan

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B15 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

16. José António Filipe, Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira, Marina Andrade, Manuel Coelho
Social responsibility on organizations: a Portuguese bank case

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B16 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

17. Sunday I. Efanga, Ngozika A. Oleforo
Economic impact of tertiary education on manpower resource development in Nigeria

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B17 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

18. Philip A. Ikomi, William Tirre
Measurement of time sharing ability in a synthetic flight control task

DOI: | Article ID: IJ12V4N3B18 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)



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