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Kabir Sadeghi, Fatemeh Nouban
A new stress-strain law for confined concrete under cyclic loading

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Dan Scurtu, Eugen Axinte, Vasile V. Merticaru
Optimizing of aerodynamic profiles defined as complex surfaces

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E.U. Ubeku, O.K. Ogbeide
Transient analysis of an M–driven earth electrodes in an N – layered soil

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Vasile V. Merticaru, Eugen Axinte, Marius-Ionut Ripanu, Sorin-Claudiu Iacob-Strugaru
Researches about the flank profile accuracy of the trapezoidal threads generated by thread whirling

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Adalet Abiyev
Measurement of reactive power in unbalanced three-phase power systems by use of Walsh functions

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Onohaebi O. Sunday, Ogbeide O. Kingsley
Determination of power stations for upgrading in the Nigeria power system using minimum loss criteria

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S. Nandhakumar, V. Selladurai, V. Muthukumaran, S. Sekar
Haar wavelet approach to time varying model robot arm control problem

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A.I. Ogbonna, E.N.C. Okafor
Treatment procedures for Itakpe iron ore deposits in Kogi state Nigeria

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H. Benahmed, A. Bensafi, M. Benhamou, A. Boussaïd
Dynamic scattering properties of weakly charged cyclic polymers in solution

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N. Amrane, M. Benkraouda
Positron Annihilation in piezoelectric semiconductor ZnO

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N.A. Hoshan, Firas M. F. Al-Quran
Green's function in some mixed boundary problems for heat equation

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Mamoun Hussein Mamoun
A proposed robust routing protocol for MANET

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Christos Theodorou, Maria Kordaki
Super Mario: A collaborative game for the learning of variables in programming

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S. Karthik, S. Kannan, M.L. Valarmathi, V.P. Arunachalam, T. Ravichandran
An performance analysis and comparison of Multi-Hop Wireless Ad-Hoc Network Routing protocols in MANET

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A14 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

S.O. Onohaebi, S.O. Igbinovia
Development of a MATLAB program to compute bus voltages in the Nigeria electrical power system

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Yassen Alhiti
Affine Variety and Hilbert’s Basis Theorem

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A16 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Maged George Iskander
A min-max approach for stochastic fuzzy goal programming

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Bani Mukherjee, Bijay Kumar Mandal
Study of gravitational lensing constraints on the exponential Cardassian model based on the Friedmann – Robertsion Walker (FRW) equation

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A18 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Iqbal H. Jebril
Bounded Sets in Random n-Normed Linear Space

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A19 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

M.G. Shehata, A.A. Abdou, Tarek Y.M.A. El-Hariri, Ahmed S. Mousa
Heavy minerals: Acase study on the Gebel Ghorabi Member; Bahariya Oasis, Western desert, Egypt

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F.Y. El Kady, L.K. Mohamed, S.A. Shaban
Hydrotreatment of Kerosene Petroleum Fraction to Improve Its Properties

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Nahla A. Barakat, Safwat H. Maaty, Ashraf Al-Koly
Outcome of Congenital diaphragmatic defects: three years experience

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Wafaa Gameel Mohamed Ali, Nahed Abdl Menom El Sebai
Effect of problem-based learning on nursing students’ approaches to learning and their self directed learning abilities

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Fakhria Jaber Muhbies, Nazar A. Sheren Al-Doski
Attitude of patients toward cancer and its treatment

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M.G. Shouman, S.A. Abd El-Latif, S.S. Khattab, S. Makkar
Pediatric acute kidney injury: outcome by dialysis modality and disease severity

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Alaa Ali, Mona M. Sallam, Gihan A Fathy, Ola Mohy el din, Seham A. Awad, Amira Ahmed
Epidemiological Study of the Prevalence of Bronchial Asthma and other Atopic Diseases among School Children in Egypt

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A26 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Eman Talaat Elshamaa
Developing a control action plan for infection prevention at the endoscopy unit

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Sohayla M. Attalla, Mohamed A. Ghanem, Seham, A. Gad Elhak, Abdel Aziz, A. Ghanem
Inhalational Anaesthetics and Cholinesterase activity… Goal Directed Better Postanaesthetic Issue

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A28 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Ganjar Samudro, Sarwoko Mangkoedihardjo
Review on BOD, COD AND BOD/COD ratio: a triangle zone for toxic, biodegradable and stable levels

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Azza A. Ezz El-Din, Eman E. Aziz, S.F. Hendawy, E.A. Omer
Impact of phosphorus nutrition and number of cuttings on growth, yield and active constituents of artichoke

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A30 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

A.A.M. Ragab, Eman A. Tantawy, Sh.M. Abd El-Rasoul
A Comparison between traditional and recent bioinocula on Growth and productivity of faba bean (Vicia faba l.) grown in calcareous soil

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A31 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

A.A. Abdel-Monem, H.M.S. El-Bassiouny, M.M. Rady, M.S. Gaballah
Role of tryptophan and prozac (5- hydroxy tryptamine) on the growth, some biochemical aspects and yield of two sunflower cultivars grown under different saline soils

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A32 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

M.Sh. Sadak, M.M. Rady, N.M. Badr, M.S. Gaballah
Increasing sunflower salt tolerance using nicotinamide and α – tocopherol

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A33 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

A.G. Ahmed, S.A. Orabi, M.S. Gaballah
Effect of Bio-N-P Fertilizer on the growth, yield and some biochemical components of two sunflower cultivars

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A34 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Eman E. Aziz, Azza A. Ezz El-Din, E.A. Omer
Influence of zinc and iron on plant growth and chemical constituents of Cymbopogon citratus L. grown in newly reclaimed land

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A35 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Amany M. Sallam, Hoda I. M. Ibrahim, Mona A.M. Soliman, B.A.A. Kandil
Germination improvement by priming Teosinte seeds in water for enhancing the fodder production potential

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A36 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Osama A. Nofal, Adel B. El-Nasharty, Nadia M. Badran
Sustainable improvement of nutrients utilization using micronutrients foliar application on potato plant

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A37 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

A.M.A. El-Shafai, A.A.O. Fakkar, M.A. Bekheet
Effect of row spacing and some weed control treatments on growth, quality and yield sugarcane

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A38 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Emtenan M. Hanafi, Enas N. Danial, K.A. Abd El
Origanum Vulgaris could be a novel antimycotic agent for treatment of mycotic mastitis in goat

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A39 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Sheeba Valsson, Alka Bharat
Influence of canyon geometry on the variations in maximum and minimum air temperatures

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A40 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Grosu Veronica, Bostan Ionel
IAS/IFRS standards for smes and the impact on the Romanian accounting system

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A41 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)


Chin-Feng Lin
Consumer Cognitions and Communication Networks toward B&B Services

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A42 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Mateş Dorel, Socoliuc Marian, Hlaciuc Elena, Haiduc Cristian, Ursu Dorel
The evolution of the economical and financial communication means used by the companies in the new current world context

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A43 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Wann-Yih Wu, Yu-Chen Hsiao, Chen-Su Fu
An analytical model of the product life cycle - an application of thermodynamics

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A44 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Ade Ibiwoye, Joseph O. Ideji, Babatunde O. Oke
The determinants of life insurance consumption in Nigeria: a co-integration approach

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Evangelia Agelidou
Α contribution to the integration of storytelling and environmental education for sustainability

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A46 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Ahmad Puad Mat Som, Alhilal Furqan
Nurturing Experiential Learning in Co-Curriculum Activities: Case Studies of Tourism Clubs in Secondary Schools

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Muhammad Manzoor Malik, Fazalur Rahman
Imapct of theories of distacne education on teaching learning process

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A48 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Philip A. Ikomi
Juvenile Violent Felony Referrals and High School Dropouts: Is there a Relationship?

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A49 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Badreya Al Jenaibi
Arabic news channels: Al-Jazeera. New age of press democracy in the Middle East

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A50 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Wojciech Majka
The Generation of Christian Ethics

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A51 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Azizeh Khanchobani Ahranjani
Number system of the head noun in English and Persian languages

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N4A52 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Omar Ibrahim Alomoush
On linguistic aspects of auto-antonyms in arabic

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