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Adrian Iosub, Eugen Axinte, Florin Negoescu
A Study about micro-drilling by electrical discharge method of an Al/SiC hybrid composite

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Kabir Sadeghi, Fatemeh Nouban
A simplified energy based damage index for structures subjected to cyclic loading

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S.O. Igbinovia, N. Igbinovia
Investigating failed transformer: case study of a 100KVA, 11/o.415Kv burnt-out distribution transformer, Benin-city, Nigeria

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Sorin Popa, Dragos Paraschiv, Octavian Lupescu, Ionel Sarbu, Ionut Popa, Ramona Scurtu (Popa)
Upon the fissure appearance causes in the grinding process of the bearings rings

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Onohaebi. O. Sunday, Omodamwen O. Samuel
Estimation of bus voltages, line flows and power losses in the nigeria 330Kv transmission grid

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Onohaebi. O. Sunday, Odiase O. Friday
Empirical modelling of power losses as a function of line loadings and lengths in the Nigeria 330Kv transmission lines

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E.A. Ogujor, P. Otasowie
Pre-Paid Meter: Impact on Revenue Generation in Nigeria

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Ali Haydar, Zafer Agdelen, Burcu Toker Ersoz
Application of fuzzy-neural system in the analysis of the relationship between patient satisfaction and service quality of governmental hospitals in TRNC

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Atef Al-Mashakbeh
Analysis of electroencephalogram to detect epilepsy

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A.R. Senoudi, F. Lallam, A. Boussaid, M. Benhamou
Numerical study of the effects of polymeric shell on plasmonic resonance of nanogolds

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Mabrouk Benhamou, M. Yassine, F. Benzouine, A. Derouiche, A. Bettachy, B. Ihya
Review on the structure and thermodynamics of nanoparticles with end-grafted long-polymer chains in solution

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B. Rysbaiuly, A.T. Baymankulov
Variational-difference method for determining the diffusion coefficient of soil water

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Irfan Syamsuddin, Junseok Hwang
Visualization of strategic information security decision

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S. Raja Ranganathan, M. Sadish Sendil, S. Karthik
Relation based semantic Web search engine

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Bani Mukherjee, Bijay Kumar Mandal
Study of gravitational lensing constraints on the Cardassian model based on the Friedmann – Robertsion Walker (FRW) equation

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Salman Ahmed, Parag Parandkar, Anil Jain, Sumant Katiyal, Arpit Ludhiyani, Satyadhar Joshi
Applying HPC and virtual reality for modeling of traction systems

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Charles Ikerionwu
Cyclomatic complexity as a software metric

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Mamoun Hussein Mamoun
A new polymorphic routing protocol for MANET

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M. Hajiazizi
A new approach for numerical analysis in optimum critical line segment slip surface in Earth slopes

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Masoud Yarmohammadi, Rahim Mahmoudvand
The effect of outliers on robust and resistant coefficient of determination in the linear regression models

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Julius Fobil, Olatunji Kolawole, Jonathan Hogarh, Derick Carboo, Frederick Rodrigues
Waste Management Financing in Ghana and Nigeria – How can the Concept of Polluter-Pays-Principle (PPP) Work in both countries?

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Mohamed Helal, Mohamed Elawa, Mohamed Zaghlool
Low power laser effect on bone healing in diabetic induced animal model

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M.G. Shouman, Nagwa Abdallah I, Abd El Meguid Ak, E.E.E. Salama, E. El Ghoroury, L.A. Abou Ismail, N.M. Emara
Bone mineral density markers in children with steroid sensitive idiopathic nephrotic syndrome

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H.M. Abaza, A.A. Osman, L.A. Abou Ismail, D.H. EL Lebady, A.N. Ahmed
Expression of Chemokine Receptor "CXCR4" as a Prognostic Factor in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

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Manal A. Fathy, Hanan A. Fathy, Manal M. Alkady, Amal A. Elmenshawy, Seham A. Awad
Clinical evaluation of urinary Leukotrienes E4 Levels in children with Atopic Dermatitis

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E.U. Amuta, B.O. Atu, R.S. Houmsou, J.G. Ayashar
Rhipicephalus sanguineus infestation and Babesia canis infection among domestic dogs in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

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Raquel P. F. Guine, Maria Joao Lima, Lucia Pato, Ana Cristina Correia, Fernando Goncalves, Elisa Costa, Sandra Santos
Consumer study and sensorial evaluation of a newly developed spicy strawberry syrup

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Asmaa R. Mahmoud, M. EL-Desuki, Mona M. Abdel-Mouty
Response of snap bean plants to bio-fertilizer and nitrogen level application

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Sawsan S. Sayd, Hanan A.A. Taie, Lobna S. Taha
Micropropagation , antioxidant activity, total Phenolics and Flavonoids content of Gardenia jasminoides ellis as affected by growth regulators

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Azza A. Ezz El-Din, S.F. Hendawy, Eman E. Aziz, E.A. Omer
Enhancing growth, yield and essential oil constituents of caraway plants using nitrogen and potassium fertilizers

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Eman E. Aziz, Azza A. Ezz El-Din, E.A. Omer
Quantitative and qualitative changes in essential oil of Dracocephalum Moldavica at different growth stages

DOI: | Article ID: IJ10V2N3A31 | Buy Full Text PDF (20 USD)

Hala Kandil, Nadia Gad
Response of tomato plants to sulphur and organic fertilizer

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Sh.Sh. Holah, M.M. Kamel, A.S.Taalab, Hanan S.Siam, Eman A. Abd El-Rahman
Effect of elemental sulfur and peanut compost on the uptake of Ni and Pb in basil and peppermint plants grown in polluted soil

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Tawfik M.M., Mirvat E. Gobarah, Magda H. Mohamed
Management practice for increasing potassium fertilizer efficiency of Sugar beet in North Delta, Egypt

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Islam Al-Momani
Direct Object Relative Clauses in Jordanian Arabic: A Minimalist Approach

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Noorhayati Md Ali, Jawakhir Mior Jaafar
Transforming MOODLE as a reflective tool in learning French language

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О.О. Andronnikova
Research of psychological factors emergence Victim Behavior of teenagers

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Almas Kiani, Nabi Bux Jumani
Mentoring research in higher education in Pakistan: an empirical study of student’s perceptions

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Nadejda Bulankina
Personal self-determination in culture: problems and prospects

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Saeid Goodarzi, Rahim Mahmoudvand, Ali Hossein Karkhane
Social-cultural ingredients in Iranian attitudes, a case study of the youth in Hamadan province

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