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ISSN: 2078-0303 | Next issue: May 30, 2015
DOI: 10.7813/jll.2015
SCOPUS Ranking: 0,191 (SJR, 2013)

The Journal of Language and Literature is published (print only) 4 times per year in February, May, August and November. Journal publishes original papers in language and literature in general, but giving a preference to those in the areas of language and literature represented by the editorial board. All submitted papers are considered subject to the understanding that they have not been published and are not being considered for publication elsewhere. To be publishable, papers must treat new research, be well written, and be of interest to a significant segment of the science community. There is no publication fee. But, subscribe to receive 1 print copy (see example) of the journal is compulsory for authors. Please, see Print Subscription Price List for 2015.



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